Interested in a robust CRM, but need more information? Test drive the NiaCRM for free right here, right now. No appointments, no waiting. Click on the image and you will be take to our NiaCRM demo site. From there you can enter information and make connections between your contacts, campaigns, funding sources, tasks and more! Remember, this is a public demo, so do not enter in any sensitive information. Username: demo Password: demo Tips: Organizations. Organizations and companies are kept under 'Organizations.' These can be allied organizations, foundations, government agencies, suppliers or any other non-person entity that might have more than one contact person associated with them. Contacts. Human beings go here. Once entered, you can categorize those contacts in all kinds of different ways, including members of your organization, clients/constitutents, staff of other organizations or corporate contact people. Calendar. Your calendar of events, including meetings and phone calls. You can also view the calendar of other members of your team in order to promote teamwork and avoid double booking. Meetings and Calls. Schedule meetings and calls. Not only do they show up on your calendar, but you can associate these activities with Organizations, Contacts, Projects, Campaigns, Events and so much more. Tasks. Tasks for you and team members. Like Meetings and Calls, Tasks can be associated with Organizations, Contacts, Projects, Campaigns, Events and more. Ideal for tracking work and time. Campaigns. Events. Remember: The power of NiaCRM is not in it's ability to hold information about a contact, organization or project, but in associating one piece of data with another. Check out the associations below the basic contact details for a real sense of how NiaCRM can make your organization more efficient and effective.

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